About Us

The internet is full of nice stuffs to discover & buy. Shopping for the perfect item, however, remains a matter of choice & personal taste; especially when the item of pursuit has to be unique and locally made.

What we have here is a bunch of self-indulging illustrators, bored of their day jobs, and decided that it’s a good idea to start an indie-brand to sell whatever. Well, big mistake. And this is what we’ve learned so far.

Lesson learned #1: just because your idea works well for some big brand clients, doesn’t mean it’ll work for your own brand.

Lesson learned #2: Beyond making nice illustrations as contents, there’s a bigger world out there that involves making value products as a business.

Lesson learned #3: Winning over 100 International Creative Awards (Including the Oscar equivalent of the creative industry - D&AD Yellow Pencil) doesn’t mean anything if the products are not shipping.

Lesson learned #4: Being the creative team and the client at the same time is prone to getting multiple personality disorder.

Long story short, This is how a brand called Boleh Wonderland was born; full of Boleh, filled with uncertain Wonders, and yet to find the right place to Land.

In retrospect, Boleh Wonderland represents the spirit of Die Die Also Want, a national vernacular every struggling Malaysian definitely would relate to.

Speaking of disasters and spirit, do you know that Malaysia has one of the highest lightning activity in the world? Just another little-known ‘Malaysia Boleh’ moment for your mamak conversation topic, and also the inspiration behind Boleh Wonderland’s logo. After all, what better symbol is there to represent the semangat of Boleh than a determining lightning bolt?


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